Friday, 23 March 2012

By PCP Terra Motor Home Car to be launched in June 2012

To launch Motor Home Car in June 2012 Paracoat Products Limited (PCP) is ready. The company manufactures Total NVH reduction components, which finds application in automotive industry. PCP Terra has been developed by Paracoat Products Limited in collaboration with Siam Motor home Co of Thailand and Van Tech of Japan. The company invested Rs.10 crore into the project. As per reports, the company imported the interior materials from the European Union including non-Formalin decoration Wood from New Zealand. The vehicle has vacuum system Double Acrylic window with 3 clear opaque and mosquito net, which are called style nets. Director Business Development Rajesh Poddar said, “The PCP Terra is a Motor Home cum Office, based on a standard pick-up vehicle, the base vehicle being pickup small trucks like Mahindra Genio or the Tata Xenon. It is installed with frame made of fibreglass (FRP) with resistance to road worthy conditions.”
He further added, “PCP has been providing the best in terms of quality and innovation for some decades now. So bringing in PCP Terra was not a drastic shift but futuristic as we had the right associations in terms of design, manufacturing, OEMs, marketing, etc.”
On NVH/Interior trim, the approx business is US$ 80-120 per car. The PCP Terra is suitable for seven people or a family. Interior of the vehicle is extremely luxurious and it is possible to adjust the meeting area to a bedroom capable of accommodating five people. The company has incorporated several facilities in the car which includes microwave, wash-room, shower, shelves, air conditioner, heater, refrigerator, and drawers for kitchen utensils.
Stereo and multimedia system such as DVD player, mp3 player, TV, and Radio are also installed in the car. A display system has also been installed to check the level of wastewater and fresh water. To support the driver to drive reverse, it has a reverse camera with a monitor on the front console.
As per reports, depending upon the facilities and size, the company will fix the price in between Rs. 31 lacs to Rs. 37 lacs. Defence personnel, travel houses, tourism companies, infrastructure companies, corporate houses, and political parties would be the main target consumers. The company will market the PCP Terra directly setting up first showroom in NCR which will be followed by Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai.Automobile News

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