Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Over 12000 models are recalled by Volvo in China

The Sweden based luxury automobile manufacturer, Volvo has announced the recall of over 12798 units of its vehicles imported in China, the model year of the vehicles being 2012. The recall has been initiated owing to the suspected fault in wiring that may result in improper functioning of the airbags.
The automaker will be recalling around 11119 units of its compact executive car, S60 and its compact crossover SUV, XC60 that were the 2012 imported models supplied to China. These models are anticipated to be fitted with the faulty wiring clamp that is placed beneath the front seats, which may cause safety issues such as the airbag deployment failure.
Further 1679 units of the Volvo S60 and XC60 will be called back to an inspection conducted of the underbody coating that may penetrate into the fuel lines leading to leakages in the fuel, which may give rise to a fire outbreak.
It was reported by the recall of these models on the website of General Administration of Quality Supervision, China and until now the error has not resulted in any casualties or deaths.
Volvo cars, the subsidiary of the Chinese auto company Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, in a bid to expand its footprints in the Asia’s highly diversified plan by the Chinese market to commence this precautionary recall that symbolizes its concern for quality and safety.Automobile News

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  1. That's sad that so many Volvo models have been recalled in China. Maybe if they had gotten better volvo parts, the cars wouldn't had been recalled.