Saturday, 17 March 2012

Two new SUVs to be launch by Skoda

Auto makers around the globe had been very generous this decade in terms of launching SUVs and crossovers. Skoda, the auto maker from Czech Republic, is the one who is speculated to hand the SUV segment two new entrants. Presently, Skoda is pondering over the development of two new SUVs that it plans to introduce in the global market including India in the next two to four years. At 2011 Frankfurt Motor shows this auto giant announced that the company will be introducing a new model every 6 months. The anticipated launch of these two SUVs is expected to be a part of that strategy. The newest SUV, Skoda Snowman will apparently hit the market in 2014 and it is also said to be based on the Volkswagen Tiguan platform.
Another smaller SUV is also expected to be launched by 2016 which would be a follow-up to the current Skoda Yeti. The Technical Director of Skoda, Eckhard Scholz mentioned that the company’s products are absent from some volume segments and for that purpose the company is hashing out both the MPV and SUV segment. Along with his preference of SUVs over MPVs, he indicated that there is surely enough room in the auto market for two SUVs, bigger and smaller than the current Skoda Yeti. He also stated that the company is planning on introducing models that are compatible with their international markets, India, China and Russia.Automobile News

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