Thursday, 15 March 2012

Upgrade of Audi R8 by completing 5 years successfully

Audi has already marked its presence in the automobile industry by launching the R8 in September 2006. After completing 5 years successfully with R8, the company has finally decided to introduce the new R8 late this year. The German automaker is confident about the new super car ‘Audi R8’.
Developed on the platform of Le Mans Quattro concept car, the German manufacturer is quite positive about the success of new Audi R8. The company has made minor modifications in the Audi R8. As per reports, the upgraded version will have revised front intakes, sharper grille, and larger LED headlights.
To enhance the performance of the car and reduce the fuel consumption, Audi has worked on the 4.2-litre V8 engine. The engine of the current model produces output of 414 hp and 430 Nm torque. As far as the performance of the upgraded version is concerned, it can reach 100 kmph from stand still in mere 4.6 seconds. The company has mated six-speed sequential transmission with the engine, which allows easy gear shift.
2012 Audi R8 will be available in three trims having difference in performance and capabilities. Almost six years ago, the previous version of Audi R8 was first displayed at the Paris Motor Show. As per rumours, the company will introduce the new model at the 2012 Paris Motor Show if everything goes well.Automobile News

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